TarTan Gordon Setter Club

TarTan Charitable Trust Updates

Our wonderful Trust has helped fund research, support students, re-home Gordons in need, provided support for our members in moments of sadness, and celebrated with other members in moments of joy. Funds come partly from our Club, and from direct gifts by members when they renew.

The Trust is also supported in a small way from a portion of sales on Amazon when buyers link their purchases via Amazon Smile. Here’s a link to help anyone who has not yet linked their Amazon account to our Trust. https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/community/how-to-sign-up-for-amazonsmile When you are prompted to select a beneficiary, choose TarTan Charitable Trust, and then a portion of the payment for your purchases will automatically be donated to the Trust. It costs you nothing, and it is a small amount, but it is something!

We are now adding another method of donating, available to members and non-members alike. We have placed a donate button on the TarTan Facebook page, as a fundraiser. We encourage you to donate, and to share the page to your own Facebook page.

One more way! If you are so inclined, and want to designate a portion of your estate, when you pass away (many many years from now!), you can do that as well. For more information on that, contact Coleen Banks aileyfan@yahoo.com.

On another note, the Trust offers support in the way of funds or temporary re-homing of their Gordons for those who are struggling due to financial issues or displacement due to COVID-19. Recipients must live in the TarTan geographical area, and be a Gordon person. For more information, contact Robin Marshall at rpix05@aol.com.

We should be VERY proud of our members for establishing this Trust, and for supporting it through the years. 

Here’s to a brighter New Year for all!


TarTan Gordon Setter Club, Inc. 

Est. 1954

The TarTan Gordon Setter Club is an AKC-licensed, organization, established in 1954 for the purpose of preserving and promoting the Gordon Setter through performance and conformation events. Initially, the venues were field trials and a specialty show, but interests have grown to include hunt tests, agility trials, several supported entries, an annual picnic, and annual banquet, and more.

Whether you own a Gordon Setter or not; from non-owners to pet owners, to serious competitors, everyone is welcome to join our club. We have a wonderful group of individuals who love, enjoy and compete in all disciplines and aspects of Gordon Setter ownership. Centered in New England, including New York State, east of the Hudson River, our club offers field trials, hunting tests, specialties, supported entries and social events, including picnics and banquets, where we can enjoy each other’s company and take pleasure in our dogs. We are a cohesive group that takes pride in our reputation for friendliness and hospitality.

Please join us at one of our upcoming events! Click here for more information.

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