TarTan Gordon Setter Charitable Trust


TarTan is an independent club, and always has been. It is licensed by the AKC. It is NOT part of the Gordon Setter Club of America, and none of TarTan’s resources go to the GSCA. One can become a member of TarTan without belonging to the GSCA.

The TarTan Gordon Setter Charitable Trust, Inc., was established as a 501(c) (3) organization independent of the GSCA. As a matter of fact, it was the first such organization within the Gordon Setter community. This Trust is unique as well, because it serves three distinct areas of need: TarTan Rescue, the TarTan Scholarship, and Health and Genetics. Donations to the Trust are entirely tax deductible. Donors may designate their donations to any one of the areas, divided equally among all three, or as a general donation to the Trust. Noting how the donor wants his or her donation distributed may be made in the Memo section of the check, or in a separate note. This allows donors to decide where and how they feel their donation would make the most sense for them.

Information on how the Trust operates, what is spent where, and progress in each area, especially on the front of research for Health and Genetics is readily available by contacting the chair of each area, or our treasurer, Kerry Scott. Contact information is below.

Health and Genetics: Dr Susan Adams-Conley: drsusanconley@aol.com

Rescue: Ellen Shanahan: Estitch03@aol.com

Scholarship: Ginette Desrosiers: ginetteld@comcast.net

Treasurer, Kerry Scott: kerry.vineyard@gmail.com

We are grateful for any donations to our Trust, in any amount or area, and want to stress that it is a separate and independent entity. TarTan has long been a leader in promoting the health and welfare of our breed, and serving the needs of its members. If there are further questions regarding the Trust, please do not hesitate to contact me at halcyondog@mac.com.

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